Athletic Club Village of Alacuas (Spain)

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     The Alaquàs athletic Club organize a half marathon “Vila D’Alaquàs” on the first Saturday of October, two weeks after a public holiday. The races used to be run in mid September, but due to the heat is now run in October.  A picture of some members from the athletic club village  of Alaquàs, 10 years ago.

     The race is run twice around a level circuit which goes through Alaquàs and Aldaia. The cost of entry is free, thanks to sponsorship from local business. The start and finish line is located in Vicent Andres Estelles avenue which is next to the local market. The circuit has been sanctioned by the Spanish Athletic Federation. This event is well supported by the council and peoples of the area. There is also a presentation one week before the race for the media, TV and local personalities.

     The athletic activities in the village has been active for many years. The first fun run and half marathon being run in 1983. Since 1988 a fun run has been organized on the same day in April, the start and finish being in Mayor street, a mile race for Juniors has also been run since 1995. There is information about the running of one race the last day of the year, called “San Sylvester” in 1988. On the 24th January 1999 was the running of the Autonomic Championship. The circuit was in the nearby Sequieta park. The race was a tribute to Miguel Pellicer.

      The actual half marathon started in September 13th 1987 and has been run thanks to a number of people organized by Manuel Gimenez. The head of the Alaquas Athletic Club. Pictures from the exit of the IX Half Marathon on 1995 and the poster for 2002.

      The men’s record time is held by Eduardo Alcaina in 1 hour 7 minutes and 16 seconds. The ladies by Judith Burnett in 1 hour 22 minutes and 13 seconds. The 1997 race will be remembered due to the intense heat which caused a lot of suffering to the runners. This race was reported in “El Punt” newspaper by Isabel Muñoz with the following report:

“In spite of the intense heat during the run, up to 30ºC. The XI running of the half marathon of Alaquàs had the largest participation ever, some 850 finished the twice around the village race. The winner Diego Sanchez won in just over and hour, the last participant took over 2 hours. The presentations and speaking during the race were done by Recared Agullo, all agreed the race was a resounding success.”