Athletic Club Village of Alacuas (Spain)

How to became a member.

The athletic club village of Alaquàs has a provisional office at Josep Gonzalez Huguet street, due the works actually realise at the Sports facility call  "El Terç" . The opening time is between 19:00 p.m. until 21:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The telephone number is 961504642, or our emails addresses are: or 

These are the personal details needed are a full name, sex, date of birth, address and telephone number, you should choose between "Member" or "Supporter" of the running club, and your clothes sizes.

The subscription price to join the athletic club village of Alaquàs as a "Member" is 75 €, and "Supporter" is 20 . The annual quota is 25€. The "Activities" pages contain the information about our events.

By law the Athletic Club Village of Alaquàs must inform that all the data provide  by you will be keep protected and safe, respecting your privacy. Also inform that it is following the Protection of Data Law by electronic transmission according to Spanish Law.

LEY ORGÁNICA 15/1999, from the 13th of December, Spanish data protection act.
Spanish home office: Date of publication:14/12/1999   B.O.E. number: 298-1999   Section: I

Once you have send this data, you will be contacted via telephone or email, to arrange final details.

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