Your are looking at the athletics club village of Alaquàs website. This website aims to meet a very specific objective, the altruistic association who practice athletics in Alaquàs and exercise this popular sport in the Valencian region.

The navigation has been simplified to the maximum, which aims to help access the information. There is a menu with a series of links at the top of the homepage, which are now described below:

Activities: The menu presents and publicizes the activities done by or upcoming by the athletics club village of Alaquàs. There are links with information for last years.

Email @: There are two email addresses that you can request information or send request.

CAVA@Email: Email the club villa Alaquàs.

Webmaster@Email: email address of a member of the club Alaquàs athletic village that created and maintains
the website of the athletics club village of Alaquàs.

Photos: You can see photos of the walks done by our senior citizens in Alaquàs, competitions attended by the athletics' local school and athletic club members.

Information: There are 5 sections

Partnership and support: Our sincere thanks and appreciation for the cooperation and work that local business,
local government, club members and volunteers make the sport of athletics a benchmark of Alaquàs.

Data Club: This is the athletics club villa Alaquàs legal data.

History: If you want to know about the history of the athletic club, you can read an article written by
the current president Don Manuel, best known in athletics community as Manolo.

Introduction: Dedicated to explain the club's website

Enrolment: A link dedicated exclusively to give information how to register as a new member of the club.

Other languages: You can visit our website in Spanish and Valencian.

Websites of interest: Some web pages devoted to the popular sport of racing on foot, both in Valencia and
in the rest of Spain.

The logo of the club is located under the menu, then there are information and links to the last event
held Alaquàs, below this there is an illustration of the most prominent partners that without their help would not be possible to hold these events, we must also remark that there are more companies, private and public, partners and volunteers that are cited in the Partnership and support link.

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The Club d'Atletisme vila d'Alaquàs invites you to visit the website.